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UBS Markets is a trading platform for trading of precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and CFD. The platform is created for investors who prefer to earn everyday profits by investing in various cryptocurrencies. 

Is UBS Markets Legitimate?

No, UBS Markets is a very shady brokerage as there is no information about its owners. From our research and investigation, we have found out that UBS Markets is not a regulated broker. The company has no license and it is not even in the list of Financial Services Providers. 

 Is It Safe For You To Invest With UBS Markets?

No, it is not safe for you to invest with UBS Markets as the company is not legitimate, and it has no credibility. You should never invest with a company that has a shady background as it might put your money in jeopardy.

What Do You Do If You Get Scammed By UBS Markets?

If you become the victim of a UBS scam, then you can simply give us a call to avail our fund recovery services. Our experts will ensure that you get your money back in hand.

What people say

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I this new friend I knew form online. She persuade me to trade with this platform and help me making profits. I believe her and I deposit 4500 is dollars to the account. Right now the account is making profit but when I want to withdraw it I have to pay tax which 15% from profit and deposit to the trading account. I’m soo clueless and helpless right now on what to?

Please help me someone I really need the money back