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According to its website, TurboForex is an industry-leading provider of Forex, Commodities and Stocks/Indices CFD brokerage services.

Is TurboForex A Legit Broker?

The company doesn’t provide information about its location or, most importantly, regulation, however, there are a lot of contact numbers with the phone codes from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and some more. Obviously, TurboForex doesn’t have branches or offices in these countries and is not regulated in any of the mentioned or other countries.

Is It Safe To Invest With TurboForex?

A big problem in trading with an unregulated broker is the security of your money as it is not reliable and abuses regulation. Many negative feedbacks are there against it by the traders which prove it to be a big scam. Hence, according to our investigation, it is not the safest platform for trading purposes.

How To Get Back Your Scammed Money Back From TurboForex?

In case you have been scammed by TurboForex, feel free to report against it with any of our associated fund’s recovery companies. They have all the necessary resources and expertise that will help you to get all your money back.

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