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Tradospot is a Forex broker that offers CFD trading. They usually provide their investors with a web-based trading platform which is known as TraderSoft. They require a minimum deposit of $250 for opening a trading account.

Is TradoSpot Legit?

As per FCA, TradoSpot is not allowed to operate in the United Kingdom. Also, they are an offshore company which makes us understand that they are not regulated. Hence, we can conclude that TradoSpot is not legit.

Is Trading With TradoSpot Safe?

Going as per the user reviews of TradoSpot, we can conclude that it is not safe to trade with this company as lots of users wrote negative reviews stating that this company is a fraud.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By TradoSpot?

TradoSpot has lots of complaints against them for scamming their users. If you also get scammed by TradoSpot, then connect with us and we will ensure that you get back your money safely.

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