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Trading 212 is a trading service provider that offers brokerage services for Stocks and Forex trading. They provide a mobile-friendly interface for trading, and the tools offered are easy to use by beginner level traders.

Is Trading 212 Registered?

Trading 212 is a regulated broker registered with the FCA in the UK. They offer services to most of the countries except the US and Canada. Based on the report online, its mobile application is safe and secure.

Can You Invest With Trading 212?

Trading 212 offers little choice on investment choices and tools for analysis. Even though their mobile application and trading service is popular among traders, it will be better to be mindful of the risks in trading.

What Can You Do If You Lost Your Investments With Trading 212?

If you are facing any legal issues with Trading 212, you can contact our expert team. We will help you recover the lost funds if you are a victim of a financial scam.

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