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TradeTime is a Bulgaria based Forex broker established in 2010. Investors at TradeTime are given access to a unique CFD Forex trading platform, plus you can also use the MetaTrader4 trading platform. 

Is TradeTime Legit?

TradeTime is unregulated and does not have a license for trading activities. The company was previously owned by Almandex Group LTD, The Financial Centre Stoney Ground, Kingston, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines. The reputation of such companies is not good as most of them are scams.

Should You Invest In TradeTime?

Investing in TradeTime is not a good decision. We found in our research that the company is unregulated. Most of the unregulated brokerage firms are scams with no guarantee for the money invested. Also, the details provided by the company are conflicting and suspicious.

How To Get Back Money Scammed By TradeTime?

If your money was scammed off by TradeTime contact us soon. We have highly trained professionals who can chart out the best plans for smooth and fast recovery of your lost assets.

What people say

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I invested £500 from Trade Time in September 2019 and am unable to get my funds back.