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TradeInvest90 is a trading service provider based in Seychelles. The firm is under the ownership of Celestial Trading Ltd. It offers trading services in various assets including Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Indices, and Cryptocurrency. 

Is TradeInvest90 Regulated?

TradeInvest90 is an offshore firm which is registered in Seychelles. Typically, offshore locations like this have very relaxing regulation terms, and regulatory authorities from other countries will not accept their authorization.

Are Your Funds Safe With TradeInvest90?

TradeInvest90 is an unregulated offshore broker without the approval of one of the regulatory authorities from major countries such as FCA and ASIC. Investing in an offshore broker will put your investments at risk because the legal procedures of offshore locations are usually different.

What Can You Do If You Have Lost Your Investment With TradeInvest90?

If you have lost your funds with the TradeInvest90, you can contact the expert team at Funds Recovery. They have experience in handling financial issues and will help you reclaim the lost funds. 

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