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Trade Capital is an unfamiliar Forex broker founded in 2017 and primarily focused on cryptocurrencies. It also claims to offer a wide range of financial instruments for trading. The entity does not share much of its corporate information such as trading conditions. 

Is Trade Capital Legit?

Trade Capital is an unlicensed platform owned by Trade Capital Investment LLC., a company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The entity fails to disclose any substantial information regarding its regulations and legal validations. Consequently, the entity is likely to be illegitimate and operates autonomously.

Is It Safe To Invest With Trade Capital?

Trade Capital is similar to most of the dubious trading platforms in the market. It lacks the clarity of information and authenticity. Moreover, the entity's official website is inaccessible and might have been out of business. Therefore, it is better to avoid such a platform while making any investment decision.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Trade Capital?

Trade Capital has received mostly unfavourable feedback from the traders. It also has received a warning from the Australian financial regulator ASIC. If you have any fraud issues with Trade Capital, reach out to us. We will assist you in getting your funds recovered.

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