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Trade 24 appears to be a legit online brokerage firm offering the best deals and returns to its investors. Trade 24 provides currency pairs, CFDs, commodities, and stocks for your personal investment and trading options. Still, before investing you must first go through this Trade 24 review.

Is Trade 24 Legit?

Trade 24 forged the license on its website and therefore has been labelled as a scam company by the Belize financial regulatory body. Also, our research revealed a lot of negative Trade 24 reviews. We even found warnings and blacklisting from the financial services of France and the UK.

Should You Invest In Trade 24?

Our take on Trade 24 is that you should not invest money in it. The company is proven to be a scam and therefore you will be better off investing in a regulated brokerage firm instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Trade 24?

If you have been scammed by Trade 24, contact us immediately by the information provided on our website. Let us look into your case and offer you the best strategy for recovering your lost assets easily.

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