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TP Global FX is a forex broker. TP Global FX offers the MetaTrader 5 forex trading top platform. Its website offers over 80 forex currency pairs, CFDs, gold, silver, energies, indices, futures, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.

Is TP Global FX Legit?

TP Global FX is an offshore Forex broker based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines islands. The company is registered there. We visited the site page and it looked legit with detailed information.

Should You Invest With TP Global FX?

It is better if you do not invest with TP Global FX. The company is an offshore brokerage and also regulations in SVAG are very lenient. There is thus a considerable probability of it being a scam. You should invest with a more widely recognized brokerage firm instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By TP Global FX?

If you have been scammed by TP Global FX, contact us via our registered contact information. We have a highly experienced team which will study your case and give you the best chances of getting your money back.

What people say

  • I`v heard bad things about them too. They have offered me a training on tradingand they told me thatthe training is devided into a couple of stages and that it aims at both specializing you as an individual for trading but also to have more awareness of the things going on out there but the thing is that they actually didn`t do it for me but after having a avery catchy introductory traiing, I was told to pay money to continue and Ia lready lost the trust baxk then because first theysayit is free, the they wantwd to charge it, so eventually iI did pay for it and they`ve stopped contacting me at all adn not only that, they`ve asked all of my bank card informationa dn after that ,,somehow" some money has dissapeared from my account. I contacted Funds Recovery adn then they asked me some personal inormation, too and I was sceptic I thoufght all of them dot he same thing and I aksed for some proof of their integrity and we had nuemrous calls, talked al they way along with process of everything and we came up evenetually with the solution. They were obliged to contact me as soon as they would make even the slightst improvement and so I followed them all the way throughtout the proccess and I feel sorry nopw for being annoying or rude at times. They did help me take my money back and I am definitelly recommending them now. Cheers, Funds Recovery

  • Funds Recoverey are Awesome at what they do. As an enterprenour who got scammed online and who was in need of a help from an instutution like this, app with quick customer service that respond very well and takes care of your needs, they are as a company very well organized, too.

  • I looked for a brokerage like TP Global FX with high leverage that may help me optimize my trading prospects for a long time. After six month of trading with them I am now very worried that they scammed me and that Im never gonna get my money back

  • I have been trading with this broker for more than a year. Terrible, they ripped me off

  • I have been trading with this broker for more than a year. Terrible support & Money withdrawal is an issue. 0 stars.

  • Funding my wallet was easier than I thought. Getting the money out was impossible. I need help!!