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TORoption started out as a binary options trading platform but in 2017 the company changed its course to Forex and CFD trading. TORoption offers its new traders a 10% bonus on 250 US dollars worth of deposits. For more information on TORoption you can check this site.

Is TORoption Legit?

We searched several sites on the internet but could not find any kind of licensing details for TORoption. It appears that the company is an offshore brokerage firm based on Majuro Marshall Islands. All this made us conclude that there is a high probability of the company being a scam.

Is It Worth Investing Money In TORoption?

TORoption is an unregulated broker company. This makes it very unsafe for investing money. Also after research, we could not find any clear details about payment methods and working procedures. 

What To Do If You Have Fallen Into The TORoption Scam?

‘Do not panic’ – this is the first step in recovering your assets. Then, contact us via email or mobile. We will provide the best assistance to get back your scammed money.

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