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TopstepFX is a well-known trading platform founded in the year 2012. It promises to provide a world-class trading experience with a variety of tradable financial products. The entity uses the popular MT4 trading platform and gives access to trading educational tools.

Is TopstepFX Legit?

TopstepFX is an unlicensed platform managed by Topstep LLC, a company located at 130 South Jefferson Suite 200, Chicago, Illinois 606611. However, the entity fails to provide any substantial information regarding its rules and regulations.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With TopstepFX?

TopstepFX is a popular trading platform and has gained a worldwide reputation over the years. Although, lack of proper regulations sometimes hampers its business. The entity primarily focused on the client's needs but Forex is a pool of uncertainties. Hence, we recommend being cautious while making any investment decision.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By TopstepFX?

TopstepFX has received mixed feedback from the investors. Sometimes it has to face some minor allegations mainly due to improper regulations. In case, if you have any fraud issues with TopstepFX, contact us. We will assist you to recover your funds.

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