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The Blu Market gives businesses a chance to earn high downloads for its apps by promoting the apps using Blu Markets network of social influencers. The company got established in 2020 and has a contact option for both influencers and advertisers.

Is The Blu Market Legit?

The site has no relevant information about how the operations are carried out. Also, there is a severe lack of information regarding the owners of the business and its established location.

Should You Invest In The Blu Market?

The Blu Market has unclear modes of operation. The company does not provide any information on how it will be promoting the apps. This is most probably a front for scammers. It is better for you to use more established and recognized promotional services.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By The Blu Market?

If you have fallen prey to the Blu Market scam, contact us with all the relevant information. We have the required expertise and workforce to study the case and figure out the best possible way to get your money back.

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