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Tessline is a Dublin based offshore online broker deals with invest and trading. The company declares itself as an industry leader with a team of more than 100 investment experts around 30 countries. The team members share their experiences and expertise with the traders to achieve huge profits.

Is Tessline Legit?

Tessline claims to be registered with the Irish government. However, financial institutions of Ireland which are in charge of regulations has no record of the company. The CEO of the company is Iain Cameron.

How Safe is It To Invest Your Money With Tessline?

Tessline claims that large numbers of users entrust with their funds. It promises its traders a huge return up to 200% without hardly doing anything. The company’s unrealistic schemes create a sense of insecurities among investors. Hence, it is better to avoid this illegitimate company.

Have Been Scammed by Tessline?

Tessline users claim that it runs an unsustainable and illegal scheme. The Central Bank of Ireland publically warned against this company. Although, if your funds are duped by Tessline, contact us. We will help you to recover your funds.

What people say

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I invested 10,000 pesos and after a month tessline closed and never
gave back our money. Please help me.