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Tesler App is a foreign exchange trading robot that came into existence in 2016. The alleged man behind the Tesler trading is Steven Abrahams who is speculated to be fake. The company promises you $5700 in a day and expects you to invest $250 to start trading. 

Is Tesler App Legit?

We could not find any source or documents that would tell us whether the company is legit or not. However, the company has made false claims, and even their application software changes every second day, which leads us to believe that it is a scam.

Is It Safe To Invest With Tesler App?

No, it is not safe to make an investment with Tesler trading system as there are many red flags that make us believe that the company is a total scam.

What To Do If Tesler App Scams You?

If Tesler App scams you, then you can contact us and our experts will do the needful to recover your funds.

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