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StockGlobal is a Forex broker that offers four trading accounts and access to the MetaTrader4 platform. 

Is StockGlobal A Regulated Broker?

StockGlobal is not authorized to provide financial services in the UK or Germany and most probably all the other countries. Moreover, the UK’s regulator Financial Conduct Authority has recently issued a warning against the broker. Hence, you are not advised to go for trading with it.

Is It Safe To Invest With StockGlobal?

Unfortunately, we have found numerous negative feedbacks that are posted against StockGlobal. People have complained against it for stealing their money. Moreover, dealing with an unregulated broker increases the risk factor of your money. Hence, it is a scam and better not to invest in their schemes. 

How To Recover Your Scammed Amount From StockGlobal?

In case you have been scammed by StockGlobal, you can avail yourself of our services. We will help you to get your lost money back.

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