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Stern Markets is a CFD  brokerage, based in the Marshall Islands, which focuses on crypto-currencies. It provides its own web-based trading platform.

Is Stern Markets Legit?

Stern Markets claims on its official website to be registered in Gibraltar. But, the company and its trade activities are not licensed by any legitimate financial regulating authority. We also found that the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has blacklisted the website

Is It Safe To Invest With Stern Markets?

There have been various Stern Markets complaints with a number of authorities against such malpractices practised by the company. It has been rated negatively by many of the reviewers. Hence, getting into any type of business associated with the company can put your money in danger. 

How To Recover Your Scammed Money From Stern Markets?

If Stern Markets has cheated you with your money, feel free to report it to us immediately. We will help you to get your scammed money back.

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