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StarTrade is an online Forex store that has developed two automated trading robots, namely FX Profit System and Night Profit 1.12. It claims both this software reduces loss and generates stable profit. The company is a well-established trading bot developer.

Is StarTrade Legit?

StarTrade produced trading bots are unregistered. However, these trading bots are quite popular in the market. The company's trading bots work with full anonymity. As per available information, the company server is located in the Netherlands. This much anonymity makes it illegitimate.

Is It Safe To Invest With StarTrade?

StarTrade is a dubious platform. It lures inexperienced investors to start trading with their bots. Once the money is deposited, they stop responding and go underground forever. Hence, you should avoid Star Trade bots because they lack authenticity.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By StarTrade?

StarTrade bots are encountering loads of negative feedback. The majority of reviews are an indication of the platform's incapacity. In case you have lost your hard-earned money to the trickery operations run by bots, connect with us. We will help you to retrieve your lost funds.

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