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SportArb is a company that promises its investors that by trading on the platform, the investors can earn profits of upto $15,000. After a thorough investigation, we have found out that the company has lied about the owner’s identity. We also found out that the same owner owns another company and has put up a fake name there as well. Moreover, the company has promised unreal profit figures to attract customers.

Is SportArb Legit?

As per our sources, SportArb is an unregulated company. We also found out that many investors have had issues with the company.

Is It Safe To Make An Investment With SportArb?

From what we have found out, we suggest you to avoid investing with this company. The company has no credibility, and it will be very risky to invest your money with it.

What To Do In Case SportArb Scams You?

In case you get scammed by SportArb, do not fret. You can reach out to us and our experts will do the needful to get your funds back.

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