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SpeedUp Trader is an offshore broker. It provides traders with a choice of up to 37 future products. There are 3 different types of accounts offered through which you can trade.

Is SpeedUp Trader Legit?

Being an offshore broker, SpeedUp Trader is not regulated. Also, as per the research, it is clear that it is not licensed and user reviews state that this company is doing scam. Hence, we conclude that Speedup Trader is not legit.

Is Trading With SpeedUp Trader Safe?

Trading with SpeedUp Trader is not safe because the major problem is that this broker is not reliable and does not work as per regulations. There are complaints about getting disappeared without any notice after receiving money from users. This is the reason why you should not trade with Speedup Trader.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By SpeedUp Trader?

If you have been caught up by SpeedUp Trader, do not worry. Let us know about the issue and with proper help, we will help you to recover your money. 

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