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SolidCoins ( is an online trading firm that offers Forex, Crypto Exchange, Coins trading, and Crypto mining services. The firm offers different plans with claims up to 470% profit in 1 hour. The firm says that our investments will be handled by the expert team at Solidcoins.

Is SolidCoins Regulated?

SolidCoins is not registered with anyone of the regulatory authorities like the FCA. There is no accreditation and license to offer financial services on their official website. So SolidCoins is an unregulated broker.

Is It Safe To Invest With SolidCoins?

SolidCoins is not safe to invest in because it is an unregulated company. It is not accredited by regulatory authorities. The SEC says that investing with such a firm without proper approval from them will put the investment at risk.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money With SolidCoins?

If you have any issues with the SolidCoins services and lost your investment, you can contact us. We will help you with the legal process and help you recover the investment funds.

What people say

  • The claimed to pay 40% on minimum $10 capital invested and after you deposit,they say add some more funds inorder to withdraw