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Skype Trade is an investment firm. The company on its site states maximum returns with minimum investments.

Is Skype Trade legit?

Skype Trade appears to be an unregulated investment company. And in our research, we could not find any relevant information about the company's ownership, origin, or its working procedures. All this makes us conclude that the enterprise might be a scam.

Should You Invest In Skype Trade?

We will recommend you to not invest in Skype Trade. The severe lack of information is very concerning for an investment company. Also as the company has no licenses its operations may be shut down any day.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Skype Trade?

If you have been scammed by Skype Trade contact us via telephone or by our email. We will study your case and our experts will then offer you the best way to get your lost money back.

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