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SimpleFX is an online trading provider. It is very easy to use as it is prepared in a beginner friendly way. The broker offers 500:1 leverage to its traders. Also, trading can be done through SimpleFX mobile trading application available in both Android and iOS.

Is SimpleFX Legit?

As per the reviews, we can conclude that SimpleFX is not regulated. Hence, if you are a trader who likes high leverage trading, then be cautious while investing with this platform. 

Is Trading With SimpleFX Safe?

Trading can be done online or via mobile apps with Simple FX, which though safe but customers reviews suggest reveals the real picture. They also have live chat support with a good response time. 

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By SimpleFX?

After risking your money, if you are scammed by SimpleFX then do reach out to us. We have our team who will guide you in order to recover the money which you lost.

What people say

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I have invested in simplefx and fro a bit i made a very small profit that i could withdraw wit no problem but now i can’t withdraw any found as they don’t processing the transfer.please help they have all my savings.
Malgorzata Streich