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ROFX is a currency trading service that uses automated robots. The service became popular after its launch very soon, and there are reviews online about making profits from this service.

Is ROFX Regulated?

The ROFX is not regulated and accreditated by recognized organizations. The company has no license to provide financial and trading services in the UK and other countries. The FCA has issued a warning against this company.  

Is It Safe To Invest With ROFX?

ROFX is not a regulated trading service. It also has been issued a warning by FCA for providing financial service without authorization. The company website went offline, and it looks like they are no longer accepting new investments.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Investment With ROFX?

If you have lost money with the ROFX, you can contact Funds Recovery. We have a professional team with experience that will help you with the process of reclaiming your funds.

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