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RI Markets is a Forex and CFD trading service. It has an MT4 trading platform and other trading services like bitcoin. There is also another mobile application with the same name. Both of them have registration for offering financial services from authorities. 

Is RI Markets Regulated?

According to the FCA, RI Markets is not authorized to offer financial services in the UK. There are no other registration details or licenses under its name. So RI Markets is not a registered trading service.

Is It Safe To Invest In RI Markets?

RI Markets website went down. They may not accept new registrations for the trading program. It is not safe to invest in services like this without a proper license. There is also very little information available about the company. The reviews available online are also negative. 

What To Do If You Lost Your Funds With RI Markets?

If you are a victim who lost funds with RI Markets, you can book a free consultation from us. We will help you with the process of reclaiming your funds back.

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