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RC Pro is a Forex broker based in Estonia. It offers the MetaTrading4 platform to clients for trading. The minimum deposit is $500 which is actually double the industry average and clients are further extended a leverage of 1:200.

Is RC Pro Legit?

After going through the search results about RC Pro, we can conclude that this broker is not registered and not regulated as well. This lack of regulations inclines us to state that RC Pro is not legit.

Is Trading With RC Pro Safe?

Trading with RC Pro means putting your money at risk. A smart trader will never choose a company that is not regulated. Also, reviews state that this company is a scam.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By RC Pro?

In case you got scammed by RC Pro, stay calm and not panic! You can reach out to us as we will assist you in order to get the money back.

What people say

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