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QuadrigaCX is a cryptocurrency exchange service that has been operating successfully in Canada. The firm went bankrupt because of a fraud committed by its co-founder in 2019. 

Is QuadrigaCX Regulated?

QuadrigaCX was a regulated financial service provider before it ceased operations. After the ruling from the court, the firm is no longer a registered cryptocurrency exchange service.

Is It Safe To Invest With QuadrigaCX?

It is not safe to invest with QuadrigaCX. The firm is currently under disciplinary action for the fraud that happened in 2019 and no longer accepting any investments. It is not safe to invest with firms like this to avoid security issues.

What Can You Do If You Are A Victim Of QuadrigaCX?

If you are a victim of the QuadrigaCX scam and lost your investment with them, you can contact the Funds Recovery expert team. We have experienced professionals who will help you recover the lost funds.

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