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PWRTrade is a broker located in the Marshall Islands. The owning and operating company is GN Capital Limited and the listed address is Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island Majuro Marshall Islands, MH 96960.

Is PWRTrade Regulated?

PWRTrade doesn’t provide much information about its location (only British phone number) and there is no information indicating any regulatory authority that supervises PWRTrade. In addition, PWRTrade has been blacklisted by a few regulatory authorities. Hence, it is not a secure trading platform. 

Is It Safe To Invest With PWRTrade?

Many negative reviews have been found on numerous websites against PWRTrade. Many investors have lost their hard-earned money on investing with this broker. Hence, it is not at all safe to invest with PWRTrade.

How To Recover Your Scammed Amount From PWRTrade?

If you have lost your hard-earned capital on PWRTrade, you can file a complaint against the broker directly with us. We will help you to get your invested money back.

What people say

  • I was able to recoup my money, they are scammers, They will not let you withdraw money, please don't trust this broker.I invested a total of over thousands of dollars. Please do not fall for them. You will lose everything with these fake scam trading brokers, contact funds-recovery if you got scammed, they can help you get your life back. I advise everyone to stay away from them.

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  • its all a scam, i traded with different brokers, most of them disappear when I make a withdrawal request, some of them will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i lost a lot to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to Funds Recovery i met them i didn't believe they could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn't know what to believe, but my gut feeling told me to give it a try and i did, feel free to contact them via their email address or using their website: