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ProSignal Inc is a financial technology service provider that offers Forex charting and trading systems. It provides an Automated Forex Trading Platform that can employ up to 300 strategies. There are also the Forex charts with Automated Forex Trade Signals.

Is ProSignal Inc Legit?

ProSignal Inc does not have any registration or accreditation details on its website. The service only offers suggestions based on your request. So the entire risk is on the customer.

Is It Safe To Invest With ProSignal Inc?

ProSignal Inc has stopped its service. But based on reviews online, the service was dependable and safe to invest in when it was running. Customers mentioned that the system was able to give a stable performance without losing the investment. However, things deteriorated gradually, and now it is not to put money with them.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money With ProSignal Inc?

If you have lost your investment with ProSignal Inc because of any issues, you can contact us at Funds Recovery. We will help you with the process of legal disputes and reclaim the funds.

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