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ProOptions boasts of being a leading trader in binary options and CFDs providing high returns to all its users. 

Is ProOptions Regulated?

The site claims to be regulated both in the USA and Cyprus but with a little investigation it is pretty easy to prove that such statements are fake. The site is nearly anonymous online and does not have any kind of license.

How Safe Is It To Invest Money In ProOptions?

ProOptions has already been blacklisted by the FCA in the UK. Also, the site provides fake claims of license. Users signing up on the site cannot find any kind of terms and agreement. All these reasons make it a company not suitable for any kind of investment.

How To Protect Yourself From Getting Scammed By ProOptions?

Do not invest in an unregulated company like ProOptions. They are mostly associated with scams. Still, if you have already been scammed by the company, we will provide you the best guidance and support to regain the assets you lost.

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