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ProMarkets is an online Forex trading website. It uses automated trading tools to provide investors with good returns on their investments.

Is ProMarkets Legit?

In our research, we could not find any licenses for ProMarkets. Also, the company is not registered with any of the financial regulatory services and therefore is totally unregulated. 

Should You Invest In ProMarkets?

ProMarkets is an unregulated brokerage firm. There is a high probability that the company might be a scam. If you invest money in this company there is no guarantee that it will be safe. Therefore it is better to invest in a well-regulated and renowned brokerage firm.

What Can You Do After Being Scammed By ProMarkets?

If you have been scammed by ProMarkets, contact us with the document and emails you had with the firm. At Funds Recovery, our experts will use this data to analyze your case and offer you the best odds of getting your money back.

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