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Name: Richard Fisher
Profit Trade (PT) ID #191120963636
My history at PT:
Nick Carter (my first PT account manager) was instrumental in me raising my investment from just Eur 250 (in November 2019) to Eur 20,000 by December 31, 2019.
Nick Carter exhorted me to greatly increase my investment, stating that the matched bonus funds provided by PT were both extremely desirable & advantageous.
I asked Nick Carter SPECIFICALLY (during one of our MANY Whatsapp conversations in December & January) whether the bonus funds would negatively affect my ability to withdraw funds from my PT account during April 2020 (when I would need to make a large withdrawal).
Nick Carter ASSURED me that the use & acceptance of PT’s bonus funds would NOT preclude me from making withdrawals from my account.
NO mention was made of the necessity to turn-over the equivalent of five times the bonus funds acquired
I encourage you to find the taped / transcribed records of our telephone conversations during December 2019 / January 2020 & verify my claims for yourself.

Fast forward to February 2020
Frank Lombard replaced Nick Carter as my account manager & NOW told me that because I had availed myself of the PT bonus funds, I could NOT make any withdrawals until the turnover requirements were satisfied (potentially taking 1 year or more). This effectively makes Nick Carter’s statements at best dishonest & more likely fraudulent.
Frank & Leonard managed to lose all of my funds (& more) whilst haranguing me to invest ever more funds. I was only prevented from making further deposits to PT by the National Australia Bank (NAB ) who cautioned me that the transfer was suspicious & threw up ‘scam’ alerts. The NAB actively prevented my last deposit attempt by temporarily closing my account & preventing my ability to access it!
Initially, I joined PT (via School4broker) on the 20 November 2019 (with the minimum deposit of Eur 250) with the belief that:
I was joining ‘Crypto Nation’ as per the following (unsolicited) link, sent to my email account under the guise that it was sent by a friend:
That my funds would be used to trade in Crypto-currencies by automatic ‘robot’ type programs.
I had only just wanted to risk a small amount & use these expert services to try my hand at Crypto-currency trading.
I did not want to lose vast sums of money by reckless / inept trading.
But 3 things are particularly egregious:
Nick Carter’s LIES pertaining to my ability to make withdrawals following my acceptance of PT’s bonus funds;
The massive losses that occurred on my account after February 2020;
The extreme & continual pressure placed on me to deposit ever more funds so as the turnover requirements would be achieved & I could then FINALLY withdraw some MUCH NEEDED funds.

My new PT account manager, Ruben Ferrie then STOLE funds from me.
Ruben lied about my being able to withdraw funds after I contributed 10% & 13% of insurance for (open & closed) position losses on my account (caused incidentally by the inept / malicious trading of my former account manager Frank Lombard). Ruben assured me (in an email) that I would receive Eur 31k withing two days of my remitting the insurance amounts (for open & closed position losses) totaling Eur 11840 (which I sent on the 03rd & 4th July 2020). I haven’t received any funds whatsoever from PT to date!!
Ruben strongly encouraged me to purchase Eur 5026 of a crypto currency he was spruiking ‘Defi Pulse’. However, I never received a receipt for this purchase…consequently I have to assume Ruben stole those funds from me. I have repeated asked for details on this purchase…I have not received one word of explanation.
To date I have sent PT Eur 36866 & the equity figure on my account shows Eur75!!
I have PT receipts for Eur 31840 (I never received a receipt for the crypto-currency Defi Pulse purchase).
I have repeatedly asked for a review of my account, some contact from management / my account manager & the remittance of the Eur 31k that Ruben Ferrie promised would be forthcoming (in writing).
No contact & of course, no remittance.
Please help recover my Eur36866!
Thank you,
Richard Fisher (+61 412540485)