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Prime Trade is an online investment platform. Its prime business is Bitcoin trading, mining and Forex. The company claims to have over 700,000 satisfied users from all over the world.

Is Prime Trade Regulated?

A genuine broker must have a regulated license to be able to offer secure trading. Prime Trade doesn’t have any license, nor it is registered with any government authorities. It is an unregulated broker located at no 3100 E 45th St, Cleveland, OH 44127 USA.

Is It Safe To Invest With Prime Trade?

As per investment is concerned, any individual should definitely avoid such unregulated or offshore broker. An investment decision is taken after deep research. We advise you to avoid Primetrade if you do not want to have a problem.

What to do If You Have Been Scammed by Prime Trade?

Prime Trade review states that it is an online investment scam. The company promises a massive return but fails to deliver. If you have been a victim of this company, do not hesitate to reach us. We will assist you in getting your money back.

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