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Platinums Trade is a Forex and CFD broker. The company is owned and operated by West Media Group limited and based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Is Platinums Trade Legit?

Italy’s regulator CONSOB has issued a warning against Platinums Trade in April 2018 for running illegally and anonymously. Such a firm is not as reliable as it abuses the regulations. It can go off anytime taking all your money. Hence, as per our research, it is not a legit broker to deal with.

Is It Safe To Invest Money With Platinums Trade?

During our thorough investigation on Platinums Trade review, unfortunately, Platinums Trade turned out to be a fraud. In fact, trading with an unregulated company increases the chance of losing money as it can go off stealing your money at any time. Hence, we do not recommend going for trading with Platinums Trade.

How To Recover Back Your Money Scammed By Platinums Trade?

You can file a complaint against Platinums Trade to us if under any circumstances the broker has scammed you. We will help you to get your money back as soon as possible.

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