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Phy Capital Investments Limited is a Forex trading platform founded in the year 2018. It offers various financial assets for trading. The entity provides an advanced MT4 platform for trading. The platform seems to be interested in targeting Chinese investors.

Is Phy Capital Investments Limited Regulated?

Phy Capital Investments Limited is an unregulated platform, owned by Direct Trading Technologies Limited (DTT). It fails to provide any substantial credentials about its working. Thus, the entity seems to be illegitimate.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With Phy Capital Investments Limited?

Phy Capital Investments Limited is not a trustable platform. It lacks transparency and works with full anonymity. The website is down for the time being. Hence, it is better to avoid this firm, for any sort of investment.

What If Phy Capital Investments Limited Scams You?

As per research, Phy Capital Investments Limited is a fraudulent company. It has been blacklisted by the Hong Kong financial authority Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). In case, if you are facing any fraud issues with Phy Capital Investments Limited, connect with us. Our team of professionals will assist you to retrieve your lost funds.

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