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PayperEX is an investment company that offers trading services. It is unregistered, and there is no information available online about the company owners. Withholding information like this increases the chances of this being a scam.

Is PayperEX Regulated?

PayperEX does not have any details on registration. It has no accreditation or license to offer financial services from recognized authorities. So PayperEX is not a regulated trading service.

Can You Invest With PayperEX?

PayperEX is no longer accepting new investments. Investing in an unregulated broker or financial service provider is risky. There are chances that you will lose your investment and valuable information.

What Can You Do If You Have Been Scammed By PayperEX?

If you have lost your funds with PayperEX and struggling with legal disputes, you can contact us. Funds Recovery professional team will help you to recover the lost investment.

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