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Parker-Prime is a CFD broker. Parker-Prime offers a Web-based CFD trading platform. Its website offers CFD on currencies, commodities, stocks, etc.

Is Parker Prime Legit?

Parker Prime is based in Bulgaria and is not registered or regulated by any of the financial regulatory bodies around the world. This means most of its trade activities are illegal. The company has also been listed by the FCA in the UK for suspicious activities.

Should You Invest With Parker Prime?

Parker’s Prime has been listed by regulatory bodies as a potential scam. Added to that, there are no regulations followed by the company. The money you invest with them will always be at risk. Therefore it is better if you choose to invest with some other firm instead.

What To Do If You Were Scammed By Parker Prime?

If you have been scammed by Parker Prime, do not worry. You can reach us at our registered mail id and contact number. We will give you the best chances of getting your money back fast.

What people say

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I have sent info under Funds recovery, I am concerned others don’t fall into the same trap

Give me my money back you stole from me …
I would like to tell you of my scammer called Parker Prime a Bitcoin
company and investment from Estonia and Bulgaria, I am only finding
information as I can very much a scam company and one to add to your
list of scammers.

At the beginning I was looking to try out Bitcoin so, I contacted a
website regarding Bitcoin where I deposited £250. I was then contacted
by a broker Mr John Green from Parker prime. I asked him where he was
contacting me from and his reply was Ireland. So straight away, I was
made to feel safe in the knowledge that I lived in the North and would
go to Ireland quite a bit.

Due to my disability I had a trust and was trying to make some money,
that I could put back in the trust. After a week he showed me good
profits. So after continual phone calls from Mr.John Green, I ended
putting a considerable amount of money. For a while I thought that the
account was doing well. I must stress that I never wanted a bonus only
the money earned by my own money, but I realized through time that the
bonus was attached to my account and it made unable to get my own
money that I had invested…

I invested $2000 in Parker Prime in mid 2020. They have since claimed
my fund to be lost during trading, after I made a request to withdraw
the funds, claiming it need to have earn an X fund before that could
be possible. They therefore, would only keep asking me to deposit more
for to invest. I refused and now i no longer have access to the
account, they have cancelled my account without notice and there are
now unreachable by phone or email.