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OneTradex is a global online financial trading platform and multi-asset broker founded in 2008. It has a head office in the UK.

Is OneTradex A Regulated Broker?

OneTradex claims to return a huge profit on the minimum investment of USD 250. But our investigation has proved it to be otherwise. We found that is not a registered entity and has a record of stealing money from the investors. However, we realized upon our findings that it is not a licensed broker and hence it is not a regulated entity.

Is It Safe To Trade With OneTradex?

Investing with OneTradex can be highly risky. The broker promised sky-rocketing gains to its investors. However, we discovered that it happened to be a Ponzi scheme. People have rated it to be a big scam and many reported losing their money to the company. Hence, one must refrain from investing with it.

How To Recover Your Lost Money From OneTradex?

If you or any of your associates have lost your money to OneTradex, you can contact us to recover your lost money from the company. 

What people say

  • I lost over $97k to an unregulated broker who stocked my trading capital and denied my access to my account. But thank God I have recovered all my lost funds, through the help of a certified binary recovery expert Mr Mark Berg from Funds Recovery, if you need assistance, kindly get in contact with, and he will guide you on effective steps to take and get back all your lost funds in just few days.

  • These people cannot process a withdrawal I invested $59,579.00 with the broker wise banc and won a bonus of $179,834.00 I wanted to make a withdraw and they can't process it, I have been trying to get my money out since mid- July 2019. I have given them all my banking information: routing number, acct number ... and they cannot manage to process the withdrawal. I kept getting messages saying they are working on it, I wasn't able to withdraw my money from the account, thought I was not gonna see this day but God so kind. I was able to get solution to my withdrawals issue with my broker wise banc with the help of a recovery expert Mr Rodriguez Walter, whom was recommended on the broker reviews, he helped me to recover my funds including my bonus, I would not trust wisebanc to ever make my withdrawal go through so I had to seek help elsewhere and they already closed my account. They seem dishonest, I am happy I could get back my money from them, I advise everyone out there to be very careful with the brokers they invest their money with, in case you are reading this and you are already a victim of this fake binary broker, there's still hope to recover your funds, feel free to reach out to a company and they will guide you on a simple step to take and get back your investment. Visit their website and file a complaint, they will help you and get your funds back!