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Obsbit is a Forex and CFD broker, that offers six account types on a web-based trading platform with leverage of up to 200:1.

Is Obsbit A Legit Broker?

Obsbit claims to be registered in the Marshall Islands, however, the terms and conditions state the company is under the jurisdiction of Vanuatu. But, Spain’s regulator CNMV has issued a warning against this broker. Hence, it is not a legit trading platform.

Is It Safe To Invest Money With Obsbit?

Dealing with an offshore broker like Obsbit increases the risk factor of your money. It has been found that this broker does not allow withdrawals and block your account as soon as you ask for a withdrawal. Hence, it is not a safe trading firm.

How To Recover Your Money Scammed By Obsbit?

In case you have been frauded by Obsbit, you can file a complaint against it with us. Our experts will help you to get your frauded money back.

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