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Nexus P Capital is an offshore Forex broker owned by GK Marketing Limited. This broker is located on the Marshall Islands, a popular offshore zone known for trading.

Is Nexus P Capital Legit?

Nexus P Capital is an unregulated broker that means that the customers are not protected and which is why it is clear that this company is not a legit one to trade with.

Is Trading With Nexus P Capital Safe?

Nexus P Capital is not safe for trading purposes, as they can not operate in any regulated country. Also, their location and software are common to those scamming companies. Hence, it is not recommended to trade with Nexus P Capital.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By Nexus P Capital?

If you do trade with Nexus P Capital and later lose your money then don’t worry. Simply reach out to us, we will help you in getting your money back.

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