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Just like many trading brokers in the digital market, NB Finance is an investment company which promises its customers unrealistic figures of profits. 

Is NB Finance Regulated?

We did a lot of research, and we have found out that nb finance is an unregulated investment company. Hence, the company is not legit.

Is It Safe For You To Invest With NB Finance?

No, it is not safe for you to invest with NB Finance, as the company is unregulated. Unregulated companies are not accountable for anything, which makes investing with them a very risky call. We suggest you to invest with a company that is regulated and reliable.

What To Do If You Get Scammed By NB Finance?

If NB Finance scams you, you can contact our experienced experts to do their job with utmost accuracy. The experts will make sure that you get your money back by taking the necessary measures. 

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