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Nagaharu Global is an independent investment management firm that offers to trade and manages portfolios offering across a range of small, mid and large-cap Asia Pacific equity strategies on behalf of institutional and clients globally. 

Is Nagaharu Global Regulated?

Nagaharu Global has not mentioned regulation or registration on its website, which means that the firm is not a regulated one. Moreover, numerous European and beyond regulators issued warning to international clients against Nagaharu Global.

Is It Safe To Invest With Nagaharu Global?

As per our investigation on Nagaharu Global review, we do not recommend you to go for trading with it. It has been noticed that right after your investment, the broker freezes and blocks your account preventing you from login back to your account. Hence, it is not at all safe doing trading with Nagaharu Global.

How To Recover Your Scammed Money From Nagaharu Global?

If Nagaharu Global has scammed you, you can report it directly to us. Our experts will help you to get all your money back.

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