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My Coin Elite’s official website says that My Coin Elite is a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange will let you trade with over 250 tokens. The fee per trade is 0.82%.

Is My Coin Elite Legit?

My Coin Elite does not have any kind of trading license for carrying out trades in different countries. This is illegal. Also, the company has been blacklisted by the FCA of the United Kingdom for suspicious activities related to fraud.

Should You Invest With My Coin Elite?

We strongly recommend you not to invest with My Coin Elite. The company is most probably a front for scammers to steal your money. Also as the company does not have a license, it is not at all safe to trade using it.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By My Coin Elite?

If you have been scammed by My Coin Elite, do not worry. You can contact us by calling or emailing us at our registered contact information available on our website. We have the technical know-how and years of experience in handling such cases. We will help you get your money back fast.

What people say

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Set up with minimum amount £300 and it suggests it has risen to £508.
They tried to get me to invest more but I declined.
I am trying to withdraw and close the account but not getting any response.
Any advise on how to achieve this gratefully received. Thank you.

i have USD600,000 in the account which they have withhold. Please help me recover this USD 600,000. i will give you 10% of this amount if you do so for me.

I put in approximently 3800 over the course of 3-6 months in 2020 and received nothing when I tried to withdrawal from the funds earned (so I thought). I would love to get back even some of that money I borrowed it out of the kids education fund thinking id be able to grow it for them quicker.