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MT4Invest is a forex and CFD broker that allegedly offers a wide range of account types and tradeable products. The spread on EUR/USD is 3 pips.

Is MT4Invest A Regulated Broker?

MT4Invest claims to be regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). But the financial regulatory body of Spain the Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), has issued a warning to the public against investing with MT4Invest

Is It Safe To Invest With MT4Invest?

According to our investigation, many negative reviews have been found against MT4Invest on numerous websites. It has been noticed that right after the investment, the broker freezes the account of traders preventing them from login back in. Hence, it is strictly recommended not to trust in any of the services offered by the company.

How To Get Your Scammed Money Back From MT4Invest?

In case you have been frauded by MT4Invest, you are directed to contact us, and we will help you to get your money back safe in your hands. 

What people say

  • They are heartless scammers, they ruined my life, by making me develop interest to invest my hard earn money. I deposited 97,000eur in June 2019,which was R1,755,714.29 in Rands, there was an impressive improvement in few days, 2 months later I had a car accident and needed money to pay my insurance access, Suddenly I was been send from Pilar to post, they cut the live chats and got harassed from 1 to the other, until they told me that I will forever be poor its their JOB to help me with withdrawal. I was depressed for months! God so kind as i was researching for how to get my funds back from the scam broker, then I came across a comment on the brokers review website, that talks about a recovery company named . Feel free to reach out to their website: and they will guide you on how to recover your lost funds, I advise everyone out there to be very careful with the company they invest their money with, there have been a lot of unregulated broker stealing people's money.