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Moneta Method is an automated Binary Options trading system that was introduced in 2014 by Stanley Williams. It became popular immediately after the launch with more than 75000 users.

Is Moneta Method Legit?

The Moneta Method was a free automated trading system with a minimum deposit of $250. The firm did not have any license to offer financial services like this, and it was not a regulated broker. 

Can You Invest With Moneta Method?

The Moneta Method had failed to produce the expected results in the beginning. There were several issues like being unable to reach the customer service and the need for registering with one of their brokers to use the service. The service is no longer accepting any investments.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Investment On Moneta Method?

If you have lost your investment with the Moneta Method or other financial scams, you can book consultation from Funds Recovery. We will recover your lost funds and help with the legal process.

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