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Minerva Trading is an online trading company that facilitates all its working using a trading bot. It claims to be one of the safest trading telegram bots. The company mainly deals with the European currency for all its transactions along with cryptocurrency. Although the company has no product or service to the market, it runs through affiliate membership.

Is Minerva Trading Regulated?

The Minerva Trading domain is "" and was created in the year 2018. It is a privately registered company. The incorporation of the company shows some official paperwork in the name of CMC Invest but it is hardly verifiable.

Is Investing In Minerva Trading Is Secured? 

Minerva Trading bot generally doesn't ask for anything for affiliate membership signup. However, the initial investment is a minimum of 500 Euros. The company lures its affiliates with a massive return on investment which appears to be unrealistic. One should not invest in such a Ponzi scheme.

What to Do If You Have Been Betrayed By Minerva Trading?

Minerva Trading generates money through crypto trading. Neither there is any accountability nor any proper regulations. If you feel betrayed by the Minerva Trading, you can immediately approach us. We will help you to get your funds back.

What people say

  • Got scammed by Minerva trading and would like my money back sick of being scammed by so called trading platforms amounts are as below