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Mega Miners is a mining platform for Bitcoin mining and trading. There are various websites and mining platforms that use a similar name. For example, is a bitcoin mining platform with plans starting from 300 USD to a million. 

Is Mega Miners Registered?

The website of Mega Miners claims that more than 6 million active miners are using their service. But there are no reviews about the website online. The company address and contact details are unclear. So Mega Miners may not be legit.

Can You Invest In Mega Miners?

Bitcoin mining is a very risky investment. It requires high-end computers and security measures for storing the bitcoin. Mega Miners offers various claims on returns but fails to address issues like security and risk. 

What Can You Do If You Lost Investments On Mega Miners?

Have you lost your investment on mega miners or any other mining platforms with a similar name? We at Funds Recovery have a professional team with experience in handling financial frauds. You can book for a free consultation with us. 

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