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LTD Coin or Limited Coin is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency with a total coin supply of 128 coins. There are claims like Limited Coin has high APY in staking rewards up to 1000%.

Is LTD Coin Legit?

LTD Coin and other cryptocurrencies with promises like the next Bitcoin and high exchange rates are plenty in the market. The Limited Coin is one of them, and it is difficult to decide the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency.

Can You Invest In LTD Coin?

LTD Coin has mixed reviews from cryptocurrency traders online. There is little information on this, and it is better to be careful before making the investment choice because the value of a currency like this will fluctuate over time.

What Can You Do If You Have Lost Your Investment On LTD Coin?

If you lost your investment on LTD Coin because of a scam or fraudulent exchange service, contact us at Funds Recovery. We will help you to recover the lost funds.

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