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Lex Capital offers investors a chance to invest in Forex markets and cryptocurrency. The company guarantees high returns of up to 15% daily on investment.

Is Lex Capital Regulated?

The company consists of unlicensed brokers who are totally unregulated. On its site, users find it registered in the UK and Tokyo markets but on further research, this appears to be false. 

Should You Invest Money In The Markets Via Lex Capital?

Lex Capital is a fake company that has been blacklisted by the Spain government trading body. Also, the return amount guaranteed by them is practically impossible to achieve. The company carries no proper license and therefore is most probably a scam. Users should definitely not invest in Lex Capital.

How To Recover Funds Lost By Investing In Lex Capital?

Many users still fall for the company's scams and lose a lot of money. These users can contact us at Funds Recovery. We will use top consultants and strategies to recover such lost assets.

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