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Landa China Global is an investment dealing company. The company offered investment opportunities and advice plus other trading functions.

Is Landa China Global Legit?

The company has no relevant information on its website. In fact, it looks like a scam, with no proper details and a non-functional site. On the site, users can find a message that the page is under construction. Also, we did not find any registrations or licenses for the firm.

Should You Invest in Landa China Global?

We will recommend you not to invest in Landa China Global. The company does not have any relevant information and no regulations. Your money will be unsafe if invested in a firm like this. It is better to rather invest in a widely recognized firm.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Landa China Global?

If you have fallen prey to a Landa China Global scam, do not worry. Contact us with the relevant documents of your transactions. We will study them and with our experienced workforce try to offer you the best way of getting your money back.

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