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LAk SIRA Ltd Ltd is an online trading firm that offers Forex and other trading options. The firm provides different plans with various claims in profit. It has no official website or registration, and it can be considered as a clone firm scheme. 

Is LAk SIRA Ltd Regulated?

LAk SIRA Ltd is not registered with one of the regulatory authorities like the FCA. There are no accreditation details and license to offer financial services in the US and the UK. So Lak Sira Ltd is an unregulated broker.

Is It Safe To Invest With LAk SIRA Ltd?

LAk SIRA Ltd is not safe to invest in because it is an unregulated company. It has no registration or accreditation from regulatory authorities. FCA has issued a warning against Lak Sira Ltd for it being a clone firm.

What To Do If You Have Lost Money With Lak Sira Ltd?

If you have any issues with the LAk SIRA Ltd services and lost your investment, you can contact us. We at Funds Recovery will guide you through the legal process and help you recover the investment.

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